Dave Marriot (Ireland).
CD: Through The Night Time (2016)

Hi Terry, I enjoyed recording my precious CD at your recording studio.
What a nice time that was! Working into the night, with you and your lovely family!
Your professionalism and patience are remarkable, and so many of your ideas were brilliant.
l can’t think of anything l would change Thanks Terry, best wishes to you all.

Skatz (Ireland)
Duo: Skatz & Walls (2015)

Thank you Terry for the brilliant job you made of recording us at Creation Recording Studio. Your attention to detail and dedication are second to none. We love the results, the tracks are top class and totally ready for radio play, finally we sound as pro-fessional as the bands we listen to. The comic sketches we created too are slick and full of punchy energy, just what we wanted. Not only have we got a product we’re proud of, but we had the pleasure of working with you in a happy environment, you made us very welcome and comfortable. The scenery outside is stunning too, what a great place to record an album!

Cheers matey, speak to you soon.

Lisa Mooijman (Netherlands)
Choir Doolin (2010)

Around the birth of our son my husband Bastian and I were members of an Irish choir in the Nether-lands called Doolin. The original director left the choir and we were looking for someone very dedi-cated to Irish music. After some searching two members found Terry Gordon, who was living half an hour’s drive away with his family at that time. He came for a try out session but after the first few minutes we all knew: “this is the guy we need!” Terry is able to sort of coax you into the Irish feeling of the song, both in it’s meaning and it’s timing. He does not go into long explanations: he lets you feel the vibe in the music. He leads by example and his drive, skill and charm do the rest. Because of Terry we are now both hooked on Irish music. We still keep singing it, and playing it, even long after Ter-ry moved back to Ireland.